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Our bunk bed room takes its name from the Ashlar date stone on the gable end of the building. On it is carved J.E.M 1773, standing for John and Eleanor Molecey who we assume completed the Granary part of the Mill at that date. This wasn't by any means the first mill here, one is mentioned in Doomsday and by Elizabethan times two mills, the Queen's mills were here. In the sitting room our map from 1670 identifies Mr Sharp's Mill where we are today. 


1773 is a famous year for other reasons including the Boston Tea Party on 16 December, leading to American Independence, and Captain James Cook aboard his ship Resolution seeking out the Great Southern Continent. He became the first known seaman to cross the Antarctic Circle on 17 January 1773.  The room takes its nautical theme from these famous and enduring maritime events of that year. On the walls you will find captivating watercolours by Ronny Moortgat which tell these stories. With all this history the room provides an interesting and inviting space for children or fun small adults!


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