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Reputed to be the finest stone town in England, richly fashioned and built of mellowed honey stone this is a must visit place when you stay at the Granary. This bedroom takes its inspiration from the splendid buildings, old churches and merchants houses you can find there. Our quirky shoe last lamps and spirit level hook rack set off this golden double room with en-suite. 


The town was at the heart of Roman Britain and in Danish times it was selected  as capital of the fens. Medieval Stamford saw the building of many monastic buildings. In the 1600's the building of the Welland Navigation renewed the town's wealth through trade via the sea.  This waterway was the first post Roman canal and preceded the canals of the Industrial Revolution by nearly 100 years. By the middle of the nineteenth century the canal had become disused and John Molecey triggered the Stamford corporation to break up and sell off the canal. He bought a large section running past his mill and this now forms the waterway running past the front of our house. 


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